Service-Center Informatik

OS and Software

On the different systems of the SCI you will find a large number of software products, which you can access with your account can access directly. The different systems have different orientations, which are particularly reflected in the software equipment.

If you need an additional software product or encounter a problem with installed products, please let us know by E-Mail (or in person) We will try to fulfill your wishes as far as possible!

However, in the sense of system stability and maintainability any product and the latest version always available become.

Please understand that stability is always in the interest of the other users!


The Linux cluster {tux1 - tux9} contains a full installation of (practically) all software packages from the current Ubuntu LTS and the testing versions. There should be almost no common Linux tool that is not found here.

We regularly update these systems via the updates and upgrades offered by Ubuntu. System upgrades to newer Ubuntu versions are done conservatively, i.e. only if we do not endanger the stability. This is especially true for the manual installation of additional software, especially if a reference for study purposes is not apparent. (So please do not ask for the latest hacker version of an MPEG2-transcoder ... ;-)


The multimedia software PC is at your disposal for scanning, burning CDs etc. Appropriate software is installed on the computers.