Service-Center Informatik

Terminalroom printer

Terminal room printers in 48/211 and 32/411
Queue (A4 one-sided) scit48211n scit32411n
Queue (A4 double-sided): scit48211d scit32411d
Location: 48/211 (SCI-Terminalraum) 32/411 (SCI-Terminalraum)

Terms of use

The SCI provides the users of the SCI training cluster with two additional printers for self-service are available in the terminal rooms 48/211 and 32/411. This gives local users (especially outside the opening hours of the SCI service point) even faster access to their printouts.

However, this type of use requires a certain discipline in of use to avoid confusing the print output of different users. Accordingly, the following Rules of Use must be observed:

  • Only print jobs from users who are working evenly on a terminal in the same room (in "visibility" of the printer) may be sent to this printer.
  • After completion of the print job, printouts must be removed from the printer immediately.
  • If there are still printouts of other users in the output tray, they should be stored neatly, with the (blue) cover sheet facing up and without swapping the sheet order next to the printer.
  • When removing printouts, make sure to leave any print jobs in the output tray that have not yet been completely processed so that they are not mixed and not separated from their cover sheet.
  • No manipulations (opening of flaps or paper trays, switching off, disconnection from the network, etc.) may be performed on the printer (as well as on the other infrastructure). Also, regular jobs of other users must not be aborted
  • The terminal room printers may only be used for print jobs of small size (max. 30 sheets). Alternatively, use the SCI printer pools.

Of course the central SCI printer pools (queues scibw and scibwd) are still fully available.