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FAQ about the E-Learning services

Questions about Jitsi

Which browsers are recommended to use Jitsi?

Currently only Chrome/Chromium based browsers are recommended. All other browsers, especially if different browsers are used in a meeting, are currently still causing problems. According to Jitsi-issuetracker, Firefox can be used from version 76.

General questions about video conferencing

What should I be aware of?

  • It is best to use a headset for the video conference.
  • Unclock video only if it is really needed.
  • As a participant you should switch off your microphone while you are not speaking, this prevents noise.
  • Define some rules of conduct before starting the video conference.
  • Think about whether the participants need a microphone and video right from the start, or whether you want to release it later.
    Note: this can be configured in advance for some platforms (BigBlueButton or AdobeConnect for example)

How can the best possible connection be achieved during the videoconference?

  • Use video or screen sharing only when necessary.
  • Permanent video transmission only in small groups (up to about 6 participants)
  • If possible lower the video quality

Questions about Panopto

How can I use the Panopto video content system?

Log in to Panopto with your RHRK account to set up your working environment with all the necessary To get access to the rights please contact us by e-mail at SCI Further information can be found here

Where can I find further information on using Panopto?

Further information can be found directly on the website of the VCRP or in the Video-Community in Open OLAT

Which file formats can be uploaded?

Video files in MP4 format and presentations exclusively in Microsoft PowerPoint format (.ppt, .pptx) none PDF files.

Where should the newly uploaded videos be stored?

First of all, the new video files should be saved to the „My Files” folder and moved from there to the appropriate and desired subfolders.

Why does it sometimes take longer to upload my video?

Depending on the size and quality of the video, the upload time can vary. In addition, the videos are processed in a queue during upload according to the FIFO principle, which can lead to that even the upload of a short/small video takes longer if a big video is uploaded in the queue in front of it.
Note: Under „Advanced options” you can set Panopto to continue uploading files after closing the application in the background.

Do students have to register with Panopto to be able to watch videos?

If the video has been configured in the settings by the creator with the „Anyone who has the link” share, students do not have to register with Panopto to watch the videos. If the video or the folder in which it is located is configured so that only „Anyone within the organization who has the link” is allowed to view the video is authorized to access it, students must also register with Panopto using their RHRK account.

Which share is suitable to embed a video or folder in Open OLAT into an HTML page?

  1. „Everyone within the organization who has the link”. Students must be logged on to Panopto in parallel in a tab of the same browser. All Panopto features such as discussion or bookmarks are available.
  2. „Everyone who has the link”. Students do not have to be registered with Panopto, only the video is displayed.

Are there alternative video content systems at the RPTU?

The ETSC (Eteaching Service Center) of the RPTU provides with the page another video content platform. More information about this can be found here