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Terminals offer graphic workstations, through which servers you can access remotely and work with programs there. They allow both to work on the same servers regardless of location and to use different login servers from the same terminal. Since neither user data is stored on the terminal itself nor user programs are executed, you are not bound to a single terminal.

The SCI operates several terminals from which it is possible to log on to the SCI facilities:

Room: 48/211 48/231 32/408 32/411
Terminals: 19 12 7 20
Linux-Login possible: yes yes yes yes

Opening hours of the terminal rooms

The terminal rooms are open at the following times:

Mo-Fr 08:15 - 22:00 Uhr
Sa, So, public holidays closed

Occasionally individual rooms are reserved for events. This will then be announced via notices at the relevant terminal rooms and on the SCI website under Hotnews.

Types of terminals

Different terminal generations are used:

Terminals CPU/RAM Display Resolution Color depth
Fujitsu Futro S720 2,2 GHz AMD-G-Series GX-222GC
2 GB MB RAM davon
256 MB für Radeon™ R5E Grafik
24'' TFT-Display 1920x1080 24-Bit
Fujitsu Esprimo Q556 3,2 GHz Intel Core i3-6100T
4 GB MB RAM davon
256 MB füir Intel® HD-Grafik 530
24'' TFT-Display 1920x1080 24-Bit

Notebook workplaces

In some terminal rooms (e.g. 48/211 and also 48/206 and 48/207) displays with VGA input, mouse+keyboard and Power supply are available for direct connection to notebooks brought along. This allows you to work comfortably on your private notebook.

Please use only the workstations marked accordingly.

  • Do not connect any devices to network sockets!
  • Do not manipulate terminal infrastructure (change monitors, disconnect power supply, etc.)!

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