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You can also log on to all Linux-login servers (tux* via your private computer.
Depending on what you want to do on the servers via remote access, you have the possibility to choose between a graphical or text-oriented session:

Grafic session

In this session you will see a graphical user interface on your local desktop, as you are used to from the computers in the terminal rooms or from Windows. To log in to the Linux servers, use the X2Go-Client.

Linux-Client Windows-Client Apple-Client
Linux-Server X2Go-Client for Linux X2Go-Client for Windows X2Go-Client for Mac OS X

Text oriented session

This session is mainly intended for activities where you do not need the mouse and Windows managers, such as compilers or mathematics. Here the SSH protocol is especially useful. To log in via SSH you need a SSH-Client on your computer.

Linux-Client Windows-Client
Linux-Server SSH-Client (built in) SSH-Client (Putty)