Service-Center Informatik

SSH-Client (Text-based or X11-Forwarding)

Most Linux-distributions already include an SSH client and you can get started with


to log in to the server. Replace username with your SCI-account user name .

Under Windows you can use the widely used SSH client Putty, which is available as OpenSource for free (see Wikipedia articel).

For authentication you can use the Linux password or a public key as described here.


In addition, it is possible to forward a specific application with graphical user interface to the local system. For this you need a local X server, which is included in every desktop distribution of Linux.

From your Linux desktop, start a terminal and use the following command to establish an SSH connection to a linux login server:

ssh -X

Replace username with your user name and log in with your password. The -X parameter stands for X-forwarding. Now you can, via the terminal window, transfer any graphical application available on the remote system (e.g. tux9) to your local desktop. It is a good idea to start the desired program in the background so that the terminal connection is not blocked.

If you use Windows as a client, you must first install an XServer via